Why do you #Vote4MentalHealth?

Anyone can #Vote4MentalHealth. It’s what makes mental health advocates so powerful – people from all walks of life can come together for a common purpose. To help spread awareness on why it is important to #Vote4MentalHealth, people need to hear from you.

I #Vote4MentalHealth Because…

“I #Vote4MentalHealth because…” is a way for mental health advocates to start the conversation about why voting is so important for all people affected by mental health conditions.

I #Vote4MentalHealth because we need equitable coverage of mental health care.

I #Vote4MentalHealth because our community needs more mental health services.

I #Vote4MentalHealth because everyone experiencing a mental health crisis deserves help, not handcuffs.

Everyone has their own reasons to #Vote4MentalHealth. What’s your reason? Print out the blank PDF, write your answer, take a picture and share it!

I’m ___ & I #Vote4MentalHealth

“I’m ___ & I #Vote4MentalHealth” allows you to share as much or as little as you want about why you #Vote4MentalHealth. For some, this is an easy way to share their commitment. For others, it can serve as a conversation starter to share more about their story and why they #Vote4MentalHealth.

The blank space is an open opportunity for you to share your ties to mental health advocacy or why you #Vote4MentalHealth.


How to Share on Social Media

Want to share with your friends and family, but don’t know where to begin? Use the sample social media post below to get started!

I’m [Name/job/connection to mental health/etc.] and I #Vote4MentalHealth. Will you join me this election? www.vote4mentalhealth.org

Pre-filled graphics, blank PDFs to print out and add your own response, and ways to quickly share on social are available here:

Prefer to write your "why"? Share it here!

Want to see your picture here? Share it with us!

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